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  • Listening to: Despair Billy
  • Eating: Vinnilla Ice cream, Pringles
  • Drinking: Pina Colada Juice
A few weeks ago my little brother was busted for having illegal drugs on him. This morning he tells everyone that he has community service to do. I said ok, and? The he askes our father for a ride. My brother shows him the map. Its too far away from were he has to work. My mother has a job in the opposite direction. So, as usual, that leaves ME. Hell... My firt impression to the topic. He shows me where he has to go... FUCK!!! Being the good bro that I am I take him. On the way there we got lost once and overshot a turn. By the time we get there I notice that the car has +100 miles added to it. I drop him off, tells me I can come get him in two days. Okay fine. I sat in the car for a moment completely velocitzed. I restart the car and I leave. So, begins my trip back home. In the town we got lost in, I became lost, AGAIN! After about a half-hour I find my way out. But, I took a different road. Forcing me to take the long way back to my town. I'm frustrated to the point where I don't care anymore. 100+ miles later I saunter into the house. And here I sit tell you about how my damn day was with my food on the table, my husky lying on my feet and my Japanese hard-rock music blaring in my ears.
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Submitted on
June 19, 2008


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